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Improve Team Productivity

What do you consider to be a sales team’s primary function? At PresentiGo, we’re of the opinion that your sales team should be out in the field making sales. We believe that the less time you spend on administrative tasks, the more time you’ll have to focus on conversions and attracting new customers. Our tool will simplify organizational tasks for your whole team. With our automatic synchronization feature, users can instantly share the latest update to a team presentation, ensuring everyone is always up to speed.

Captivating Presentations

We understand that holding the attention of clients is paramount for any sales team during a pitch. The content of the presentation is of course very important, but so too is the manner in which it is presented. That’s why, with PresentiGo, users can transform their 2D presentation into a 3D presentation, giving potential clients extra incentive to dedicate their attention to the pitch.


Harness Client Feedback

With the PresentiGo feedback function, you can ensure that your content is fresh and relevant by calculating how much time a user spends on each slide. PresentiGo can indicate which slides are the most relevant, and which require improvement – meaning our users thoroughly utilize the time they spend with their clients.

What’s more, PresentiGo allows users to bypass the unproductive time spent reporting between the sales team and the marketing team by sending instant feedback from the presentation.

Harness Your Potential with PresentiGo’s 3D Presentation Software

The content of your presentation is and always should be at the heart of any pitch. However, regardless of the relevance and importance of the information, should the speaker fail to hold the attention of his or her audience, everyone’s time is wasted. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that PresentiGo is aesthetically pleasing for just this reason. One of the ways we’ve achieved this is with our 3D presentation software.

Sales teams can captivate their clients with a 3D presentation using PresentiGo. Our state of the art 3D presentation function allows viewers to gain a thorough understanding of the content being delivered to them. Clients are invited into the presentation, giving them a clearer idea of the message you’re trying to deliver.



Spend Less Time on Administration. Make More Conversions

In an age when we collect huge quantities of data, companies often find that it’s the storing and processing of data which costs them valuable time and money. With PresentiGo, users can enjoy automatic features that send and process data instantly – requiring little human input.

That means sales teams can synchronize presentations with each other immediately, ensuring that each member of the team is singing from the same hymn sheet.

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Accessible and Reliable

On the PresentiGo landing screen, users can find all the information they need in an accessible format. They can also make use of the map, which will drop pins onto future meeting locations. In addition, this feature lets users explore their appointments in more depth, simply by clicking on the location on the map.

The PresentiGo presentation tool has been designed in its entirety with the user in mind, which is why we’re confident that you will be able to pick up the app and begin using it immediately.

3D Presentation Templates

Our 3D presentation software will ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to create an aesthetically pleasing and captivating slide show – one that truly delivers the message intended.

Free Trial

If you make presentations in the field or at the office, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with PresentiGo. From our 3D presentation software through to our instant feedback function – PresentiGo will impress. Why not try out our free trial and see for yourself?

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Customer Reviews



PresentiGO is the best presentation solution that I have ever used. It helps my customers visualize exactly what their future home will look like. After using PresentiGO, I couldn’t imagine going back to simply using PowerPoint.

Vanessa Burrill
Head Real Estate Broker



By using PresentiGO, we areable to optimize our company’s sales aids. Our sales reps prefer to use Presentigo because it helps to sell more. PresentiGO also allows us to get new contracts by better explaining the complexity of our product.

Michal Stevula

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