Mobile and tablet version

Install PRESENTIGO on any your mobile device. It’s completely free.

PC and notebook

Windows - easy install

Standard installation with automatic updates (Microsoft ClickOnce technology). 

Windows - MSI version

MSI installation without automatic updates – network administrators love it. 

MAC OS X - standard version

Standard installation zip file

Portable version

The portable edition allows you to run PRESENTIGO from a portable storage device.

Portable verion - more information

Portable Benefits

  • You carry PRESENTIGO on a portable storage device for use on any Windows computer
  • Configuration settings  and content are stored on the portable storage device and not in the Windows Registry of the host computer
  • By using PRESENTIGO Portable, you leave no traces on the host computer
  • You do not need administrator privileges on the host computer

How to install

You install PRESENTIGO Portable by extracting the archive file to a any folder on the portable storage device:

  • Open or create folder on the portable storage device. This folder becomes the installation directory.
  • Extract file.

You can use the 7-Zip file manager to extract the files.


If you want to upgrade a previous version of PRESENTIGO Portable, download the latest version of the installer from here and run it, choosing the location of your previous PRESENTIGO Portable install. The installer will automatically update PRESENTIGO Portable.


Portable media are occasionally slow. It is highly recommended to use high-speed USB Flash disks.

Power Point Add-on

You can edit Presentigo features directly in Power Point. So you can simply create an interactive menu or data collection fields.