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Dynamic Presentation Software

Dynamic presentation software brings your sales team the tools it needs to excel whilst out in the field. Versatile and flexible, non-linear presentation software allows your sales reps to tailor their sales pitch to individuals and engage customers through interactive storytelling. Dynamic sales presentations have never been more effective thanks to PresentiGo.

Centralized Sales Tools

Keep all of your sales material and dynamic presentations in one, central place that is easily accessed by your whole team. Perfect for providing important analytics and insights, the PresentiGo dashboard includes a variety of powerful sales metrics. Full Salesforce integration is also available for performance monitoring and reporting of your business presentations.

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Sales through storytelling with dynamic business presentations


Dynamic sales presentations

Energize your sales presentations with a variety of dynamic presentation software tools from PresentiGo. With our intuitive and easy to use dashboard, you can introduce animations, 3D components, customizable elements and much more to your previously static PowerPoint presentations. This means your sales reps will enjoy even greater audience engagement and involvement when presenting your products and services. What’s more, with PresentiGo’s non-linear presentation software, your sales team has the opportunity to develop individual proposals tailored to the needs of your customers.

A dynamic presentation will help your sales team showcase your products and services in new and exciting ways. In turn, this empowers your reps to maximize sales and bring your customers and clients a more immersive experience. In addition to this, flexible presentation flow helps to ensure smoother and more efficient salesmanship, helping you to put your customers first.

More sales, less admin

The PresentiGo system liberates you and your sales team from the tedium of administration and allows better sales practice to evolve thanks to simplified operations. Our dashboard not only allows you to monitor the performance of your sales reps, but also of your creative presentation materials and individual slides. In addition to this, full Salesforce integration allows the transfer of data directly into your CRM system for even greater control and evaluation.
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PresentiGo also facilitates seamless ordering systems to ensure that, once your sales reps have sealed the deal, they can quickly and effortlessly take orders through embedded forms. What’s more, your sales reps can quickly and easily record customer feedback through your dynamic business presentations by simply asking customers to engage with your integrated forms.


DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

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Dynamic elements for captivating presentations

Online & Offline

With PresentiGo, you can rest assured that your dynamic sales presentations will be available to your sales reps at all times. Easy online and offline access means your sales materials are always just a few clicks away. What’s more, PresentiGo is also optimized for a variety of devices, including; smartphones, tablets and touch screen televisions.

Intuitive and Informative

Flexible presentation flow, panoramic slides and striking infographics help to make your dynamic presentations clear, concise and convincing. PresentiGo’s non-linear presentation software helps your sales reps take control of their pitch and focus upon what the customer wants and needs.

Interactive Elements

Get your customers and clients involved with your products and services through PresentiGo’s interactive elements. Ensure your sales reps have the very latest interactive tools that showcase your products in their very best light. Customize and personalize your sales experience and enjoy greater customer engagement.

Professional Presentations

If you are looking for custom presentations that really stand out from the crowd, then our certified content creation team are on hand to help you out. Request advanced effects and impressive multimedia elements for your dynamic business presentations to inspire your sales team to even greater success.

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Customer Reviews



PresentiGO is the best presentation solution that I have ever used. It helps my customers visualize exactly what their future home will look like. After using PresentiGO, I couldn’t imagine going back to simply using PowerPoint.

Vanessa Burrill
Head Real Estate Broker



By using PresentiGO, we areable to optimize our company’s sales aids. Our sales reps prefer to use Presentigo because it helps to sell more. PresentiGO also allows us to get new contracts by better explaining the complexity of our product.

Michal Stevula

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