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Engaging Interactive Presentations

Liven up your PowerPoint presentations with dazzling and dynamic interactive elements that can be easily inserted into your existing work. Whether you want to animate static charts and graphs or bring captivating animations to your raw data, interactive presentation software from PresentiGo makes the whole process simple, intuitive and extremely effective.

Inspiring Sales Tools

With the PresentiGo dashboard you can easily monitor the success of your slides and get feedback from your customers. Evaluations can be made directly within the PresentiGo app, allowing you to keep track of exactly how effective your presentations are out in the field. What’s more, full Salesforce integration is also supported to ensure your sales team has all the tools it needs to wow your customers and increase sales.

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Wow your customers with interactive sales presentations


Engage your customers’ imagination with an interactive presentation

Whatever your products or services, an interactive presentation will help you employ new and exciting ways to enhance customer experience. For example, touch screen technology is an ingenious way to offer product customization. Alter color, style and shape or take your interactive business presentation to whole new levels – the only limit is your imagination.

Interactive presentations will help you to engage your customers on the go – offering seamless and sophisticated tools for interactive storytelling. This means that you will be able to present your products and services in a whole new light and give your customers the opportunity to customize and shape their own experience as your sales team works its magic.

Greater collaboration with simple synchronization

Simple synchronization of your sales and marketing tools will allow your sales team to collaborate and cooperate more efficiently and increase team productivity – helping you to optimize sales. All of your interactive sales presentations can be stored in the PresentiGo dashboard and can be easily synchronized with all of your team. What’s more, with flexible presentation flow, you and your team can easily navigate presentations for truly professional sales pitches.

All of your presentations are available through PresentiGo either online or offline. This means that you don’t need to worry about your internet connection whilst out in the field, since you will always have full access to your files. Any changes you make can simply be included the next time you can connect to your network, meaning that your interactive sales presentations will always be up-to-date and effective.


DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

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Seamless functionality for professional tools

Interesting and Engaging

Dynamic charts and infographics will give your interactive business presentations greater influence whilst allowing you to present data in new and compelling ways. This also means that boring statistics can be enlivened and made more interesting for customers and your sales team. Engage and interact with customers as never before through PresentiGo.

Fully mobile

The beauty of the PresentiGo system is that you can access your data and interactive presentation tools at any time and on any device. Whether you want to use PresentiGo with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will find that our software and your presentations work seamlessly on Android, Windows and iOS. In addition to this, PresentiGo also works with touch screen TV to give your interactive presentation the very best graphics and help your sales team to really engage with your customers.

Insightful Metrics

Start uploading your PowerPoint files and enjoying a wealth of powerful sales metrics with PresentiGo. Monitor the success of individual slides and identify when and where your presentations are most effective. What’s more, with full Salesforce integration, you can quickly and easily integrate your data with your CRM.

Professional Presentations

If you are looking for the very best interactive business presentation that enables your sales team to work more efficiently, then why not let the PresentiGo professionals do the hard work for you. Our certified creation teams can help you get the very best custom presentations and advanced effects for any type of interactive presentation. Get in touch today and find out exactly how PresentiGo can help you with your next project.

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Customer Reviews



PresentiGO is the best presentation solution that I have ever used. It helps my customers visualize exactly what their future home will look like. After using PresentiGO, I couldn’t imagine going back to simply using PowerPoint.

Vanessa Burrill
Head Real Estate Broker



By using PresentiGO, we areable to optimize our company’s sales aids. Our sales reps prefer to use Presentigo because it helps to sell more. PresentiGO also allows us to get new contracts by better explaining the complexity of our product.

Michal Stevula

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