How / Who do I create this content?

PresentiGo is not a content creation platform. To create the best presentations, you’ll have to leverage the best content makers. The difference is, without PresentiGo’s content viewer, the unique content that the content makers make, won’t be able to be visualized. Put it this way, We’re an HDTV but you need to find an HD channel for it to work.


What does the presentation viewer do?

The presentation viewer allows for the use of any type of media for your presentations. Previously, you were limited to HMTL designs, graphics, and videos. Now – we can include data collection fields, 3D interactive content, and collect analytics on all action taken in the platform.


Do I still use powerpoint?

Yes – we actually allow you to use already existing presentations in powerpoint and easily upload them into our platform to immediately get the benefits of our sales enablement platform. In order to create content that leverages additional media, like 3D content, you build the presentation in PowerPoint as usual, insert the 3D file directly into the presentation (we convert the file for you for free) and it will come to life after you load it on our viewer.


What is free?

Our presentation viewer is entirely for free forever. Your content team can now leverage any kind of content without paying a dime to PresentiGo.


What is the SFDC integration do?

Data collected from the data collection fields, as well as the insights as to when content is deployed with what client and how will create an activity log in any account, lead, customer, or contact record.


How is the content organized?

You have the ability to not only group content based on accessibility to it that is permission based, but also by department and relevance in our content management system.


Can you share presentations remotely?

Yes. Currently there are two ways to share content without our content viewer. One way is to launch a Live Meeting from our backend portal – allowing you to share your content through a web based content viewer, all accessible via a link. The second is to share content in a content package also accessible via a link. The second option is primarily to circulate leave behind information and collect analytics as to whether or not your prospect is viewing your content between meetings.


Can 3d be shared over the web?

Currently no. There is a work around however – if you use a desktop sharing service and share your screen, the picture will be just as you see it on your own device.


How can i put 3d into my slides?

Send us your existing CAD files and we can convert them for you to be compatible with your powerpoint presentations and will come to life in our viewer – all for free.


Do i need the presentation viewer to use presentigo?

Technically no. But we suggest you use it as most of the functionality is around it.


How do I use navigation menu’s in presentations?

We have tutorials to show you how to build this and many more things.