We can help your customers understand the versatility and uniqueness of your projects. Some crave for modern minimalism, some for spectacular luxury. You don’t have to build houses and apartments in all styles, just use PRESENTIGO, create virtual models, and show them to your customers.ESENTIGO.


Interactive 3D presentations

Thanks to interactive 3D, you can take your customers on a virtual tour of their future house. Use advanced features to create various designs and color scales your clients can choose from.

Responsive storytelling

The wife may want to see where the kids will play. The husband may be more interested in the energy efficiency. You will have an answer to any inquiries they might have with a single click. Dynamic presentations on the PRESENTIGO platform enable flexible browsing through slides.

Performance analytics

Analyze which aspects of your houses are the most interesting to your customers and evaluate them. Then analyze how your customers make their way through the supplied materials to learn if they are still interested.