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Increase Sales Productivity

The PresentiGo dashboard includes a range of powerful tools to help your team increase sales productivity. We deliver advanced analytics and metrics combined with a real-time overview so you know exactly how well your sales reps are performing in the field. Add to this a host of creative tools available with PresentiGo and you have everything you need to rise above and stand out from the competition.

Captivating Presentations

Make sure your sales team are performing at their best. In addition to advanced analytics and metrics, PresentiGo also provides a suite of professional sales tools to create visually stimulating, animated presentations. Choose from an array of options such as interactive and advanced graphics to bring your presentations to life, engage your customers, and increase your sales productivity.

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Help your sales team focus more on selling


Powerful Sales Tools

Having a comprehensive understanding of your team’s performance is the key to improving your sales productivity. With PresentiGo, you can view where a presentation happened, who delivered it, and whether or not it led to a sale. Quickly identify which member of your team is making the strongest presentations thanks to advanced productivity analytics tools that let you act strategically in the future. In addition to this, the PresentiGo sale tools also provide comprehensive feedback on your presentations. Find out which slides were most effective and pinpoint the key aspects that connected with your customers.

PresentiGo is fully compatible with any device. Thanks to the GPS system, your reps will have an up-to-date version of the material they need. Plus, for increased sales efficiency, you can even create embedded forms in your presentation – so your team can take orders on the fly, from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Finally, the PresentiGo dashboard is available both online and offline to ensure that you and your reps are always on point. Wherever they go, whatever devices they use, your sales team will have all the material they need, up-to-date, and ready to present.

Interactive Presentations

Take your presentations to the next level with the PresentiGo platform. In order to increase sales productivity, it’s important to ensure that your material is both visually engaging and relevant. Easy to use, PresentiGo’s multimedia presentation software works seamlessly with PowerPoint to bring you the most advanced features available. Whether you’re looking to enrich existing content or use it to help create your next big project, PresentiGo makes the whole process simple.

Make an impression and create lasting customer relationships. With PresentiGo, you can animate static data with clever infographics or display information like never before with 3D images. Plus, it’s compatible with touchscreens so your customers can engage with your material in a totally new way, allowing your reps to focus more on sales acceleration. You can even use our certified content creation team for advanced effects or custom presentations.


DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

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Advanced Insights

PresentiGo offers its clients advanced analytics and metrics to help you increase your sales performance. Find out how well your team is performing in the field and receive real-time data flow directly to your CRM system thanks to full Salesforce integration.

Interactive Infographics

Breathe new life into old PowerPoint presentations with our dynamic sales tools. Use panoramic slides, animations, and 3D images to engage your audience and capture their attention. Thanks to PresentiGo’s range of interactive infographics, your customers can rotate, resize, and even manipulate images.

Wireless Display

With PresentiGo you can go anywhere. PresentiGo allows you to monitor your team’s performance and measure sales productivity, while enabling them to go further out into the field. You stay updated with real-time feedback and never miss a pitch.

Full Compatibility

PresentiGo is compatible with any device. Your team will always have access to the host of tools available to boost your sales productivity. Plus, PresentiGo’s features are also ideal for corporate marketers delivering presentations using touchscreen monitors. It’s the ideal way to really engage your audience and deliver information like never before.

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Customer Reviews



PresentiGO is the best presentation solution that I have ever used. It helps my customers visualize exactly what their future home will look like. After using PresentiGO, I couldn’t imagine going back to simply using PowerPoint.

Vanessa Burrill
Head Real Estate Broker



By using PresentiGO, we areable to optimize our company’s sales aids. Our sales reps prefer to use Presentigo because it helps to sell more. PresentiGO also allows us to get new contracts by better explaining the complexity of our product.

Michal Stevula

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