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Seamless Salesforce Integration

When your team needs to make an effective presentation in the field, there’s no time to waste on sifting through emails, databases, and spreadsheets to find information. That’s why we’ve included full Salesforce integration into our dashboard – to help you and your team get the most out of every presentation, without wasting time on administration. Our dashboard’s seamless integration with Salesforce means reporting and closing deals has never been easier for sales teams on the move.

Streamline Reporting from Anywhere

Our software includes intuitive Salesforce integration tools designed to make life simpler for your whole team. In just a few swipes, you can create dynamic presentations for each of the meetings and events you’ve scheduled on your Salesforce dashboard. So, you can take advantage of our software to create exciting presentations and still enjoy the benefits of Salesforce. In fact, PresentiGo automatically syncs up with your existing CRM account so you can not only keep track of presentations, but make on the spot sales. What’s more, reporting is intuitive and straightforward.

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Intuitive Salesforce Integrations

Integrating with Salesforce is the key to delivering presentations that will drive sales, keep teams connected, and close deals – even on the go. With our powerful CRM integration option, you only need to sign-in once to your Salesforce dashboard to get started on improving your presentation materials. PresentiGo features smooth log-in synchronization with Salesforce, so you can easily move between dashboards without having to type in more than one password. When you need to make changes to your presentation, you can smoothly deliver the latest slides and information to all of your agents in the field. That means your whole team will always be on the same page.

With PresentiGo, you already enjoy real-time monitoring of your sales team and their pitches: With our sales metrics, you can clearly gauge the overall success of your sales strategy, right down to how individual slides are performing with customers. Then use our Salesforce integration to track leads and share relevant information with your whole team. You won’t only leave them wanting more, you’ll make a sale on the spot. With us, your presentations aren’t just memorable – they’ll increase your sales.

Powerful Salesforce Integration Tools

Integrating with Salesforce doesn’t require any expertise. It’s a seamless process that begins as soon as you sign up. Once you’re on the go with our software, you can sync appointments from your usual meeting calendar with the appropriate presentation in our dashboard. That means you will see your upcoming deadlines clearly mapped on the calendar you check every day, and be able to work on your visual materials for that date at any time. It’s a simple way to keep track of important meetings and ensure that you and your team are always prepared.

We streamline the process of creating presentations with full CRM integration so you can focus on working your sales magic – and not on time consuming administration. Once you’re happy with a presentation, you can track its performance in the field using our metrics and feedback features. If you feel that you could be getting more from a specific slide: change it! Your whole team will receive the update, no matter where they are. Insights come naturally when you’re using the right technology.


DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

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Sell More, From Wherever

Our Salesforce integration options mean you can keep on taking orders and closing important deals, no matter how you adapt your presentation. PresentiGo doesn’t just accompany your business in the field, it makes being on the move part of your business. Unlike your usual PowerPoint slides, PresentiGo encourages flexibility and creativity. That makes it perfect for on the fly pitches. Salesforce makes taking those orders a breeze.

Talk to Each Other

With CRM integration underpinning your presentations, you’ll improve your team productivity. You’ll be able to communicate with them no matter where they are across the map and report back to base at any time. What’s more, you can also keep track of valued customers in real-time, monitoring their interactions with your presentation. Talking to each other across distances and listening to your customers will help you tell better stories – and sell more.

Make an Impact

Creating a compelling presentation with tangible results can happen in a few clicks. With our Salesforce integration, you’ll have a crucial overview of your entire sales strategy, plus real-time metrics on how your team implements directives and uses presentation materials. Making an impact is easy when you know what works.

Build Momentum

With PresentiGo, you can transform one-dimensional PowerPoint presentations into interactive platforms that give unparalleled access to your product and services. Let your customers explore what you have to offer by including interactive elements. Once you’ve got their attention, use our Salesforce integration tools to make a sale.

DEMO Get the fastest insight into interactive presentation software.

Customer Reviews



PresentiGO is the best presentation solution that I have ever used. It helps my customers visualize exactly what their future home will look like. After using PresentiGO, I couldn’t imagine going back to simply using PowerPoint.

Vanessa Burrill
Head Real Estate Broker



By using PresentiGO, we areable to optimize our company’s sales aids. Our sales reps prefer to use Presentigo because it helps to sell more. PresentiGO also allows us to get new contracts by better explaining the complexity of our product.

Michal Stevula

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