What we belive in

In PRESENTIGO we belive in imporatnce of customer engagement and explaining new products with an impressive graphic aids. We know, that you have only one chance to make an awesome first impression. In todays highly competitive world every company must focus on a constant inovation and raising quality of the content materials, products and customer care.

And we want to help to reach theese goals to you, too. 


PRESENTIGO is fast growing US-Czechia based startup with offices in San Francisco and Prague. Our investor is Rockaway Capital and we already helped worldwide customers like Foxcon, E.On, O2, UPC, Linet and JetSet.

In 3D engine we developed a next generation presentation sales tool, which enhances possibillities of classic presentations to a world of a big touch screens, interactivity and 3D. All these features are connected with analytics and sales functions of the PRESENTIGO.

Now we’re also working on VR projects, extending complexity, technological savviness and inovation thinking.