15.5. 2020 - Virtual showroom available on web

Now we are web ready. Web virtual showroom simplified the process of connecting with clients and doing live B2B meetings. The only thing you need is to have Mozzila or Chrome web browser and you are ready to easily connect. Then, using the camera and microphone you can easily communicate. Safari browser is coming soon, in the next updates, based on Apple´s roadmap.
With web version we also come up with a couple of great features such as:

1. Screen sharing
2. Recording
3. Full screen mode
These features increase sales options for your B2B live virtual meetings with your clients.

1.5.2020 - Meet the Avatars in our Virtual showroom

Now all users of the virtual showroom are able to configure avatars. This is a great feature for the personalization of humans inside the virtual showroom. You are able to choose if you are male or female, also a type of skin, head, hair, clothes etc. This is a funny part, and we get great feedback from our users. We are also going to improve avatars and empower these features with many new updates.

15.4.2020 - Meeting management

We have deployed a meeting room management feature. It allows sales reps to manage private sessions with clients. This feature is amazing, there is no limit for parallel business meetings and your sales will be unstoppable.

1.4.2020 - Virtual Showroom available in desktop APP - Alfa version for the MAC and WIN platform

Let us announce great news! We are ready for WIN and MAC platform for multiplayer session up to 20 people in the room. Also WIN and MAC app allows you to have a powerful content.