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Dynamic, Non-Linear Sales

Platform features

3D & AR: The Sales Power Tools

How can 3D and AR (augmented reality)
help make sales?

With a 3D or AR model, you can present your product easily at tradeshows and in the field!

Make even the most complex item easier to visualize with 3D renderings and augmented reality. Users can manipulate the images so they can see the portions that are relevant to their needs.

Send your CAD images to PresentiGO and we convert them to 3D and/or AR (augmented reality) for you. You can even show realistic 3D representations of items that are still in the planning phase. Using 3D in conjunction with PresentiGO’s AR, you have the ultimate sales tool!
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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is particularly true of presentations or sales meetings. Traditionally, you had to guess which parts of the presentation worked best and which parts needed to be changed. PresentiGO provides you with detailed analytics and feedback so you can make changes whenever you need to. Get analysis to improve the performance of your presentations. Your sales team, anywhere in the world, is able to provide feedback on them, as well.

Fill the gap between
marketing and sales!

Marketing is always creating sales materials, but they have no idea if anyone is using any of them. With PresentiGO, everyone will know exactly which materials are being used and which ones aren’t.

The advanced business metrics and real-time data collection allows your team to move their presentations forward dynamically, dramatically improving sales completion percentages.

From Ho-Hum
to Oh! Wow!

By being able to identify the best performing salespeople and the materials that they use for success, you’re able to use that information to help train the rest of the team. See where you’re presentations are most effective and be constantly improving your presentations. PresentiGO makes it easy to always improve - and always increase your sales success ratio!
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Platform features



Are you used to editing presentations in MS PowerPoint? PresentiGO lets you edit your presentations just exactly as you do in PowerPoint.

Directly edit your presentations online with no problems. Upload your current sales content, including pdfs, video, images, and more.

Everything you need in one place,
on one platform!

Use any device for your presentations - EVEN OFFLINE!

Your sales team can use laptops, tablets, smartphones - no special devices needed.
Platform features


Collect data
in the meeting!

PresentiGO gathers data during every meeting. Your able to see sales presentation data in real-time, helping your team remain agile! You can even use your PresentiGO presentations to collect leads and send them directly to your CRM.

Speed up
the sales cycle!

Sales in the 21st century move at the speed of light. That’s why PresentiGO collects data in real-time. Your back office is able to see what’s happening in meetings worldwide and make changes in real-time!

CRM Integration

Using PresentiGO to add contacts to your CRM can make your sales grow faster than ever before. At tradeshows, during conferences, even in airports, your sales team can gather someone’s information and it will automatically add them to your CRM, beginning the sales and nurturing processes that you’ve created.